Workshop list:

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Speak English and inspire

Do you want to feel centered and fluent in expressing yourself in English, do you want to transform fear into energy and trust in every situation?
You already have everything you need because the power of communication springs from your authenticity.

The workshop is designed to strengthen your deep resources and also provide an effective speaker’s toolkit to be applied in your own contexts.

“Fear is energy and presence is more important than the words you say.”

The famous 93% impact of non-verbals on communication credibility includes 55% body language and 38% voice tone and quality, while only 7 % seems to be based on the actual content. To make an example, if I prepare for a job interview, a virtual meeting or a presentation and I think I am not up to it, I don’t know enough and others are better than me and will judge me, I will worry about preparing the contents but in reality, what will be predominantly perceived by the listeners is my inner state.

From self-conscious to self-aware

Developing a state of presence and mastery means learning to feel fear and intensity as a current of creative energy that can become an ally and serve my objectives. Once anxiety and worries are transformed, you enter a state of trust, rooted in the body and in what you feel is true. Regardless of what I wear or the role I am called to play in different circumstances, the power of communication comes from my authenticity, from being solidly connected to my base. Then communication becomes resonant, people listen and listening opens up to new possibilities and visions. 

Programs will be adjusted to your own specific context and objectives.

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Embodied communication and leadership skills

For me, leadership is primarily about gaining power over oneself, the prerequisite to influence others. It is an exciting journey for developing one’s potential that starts from a vision of change and improvement for oneself and others. It sheds light on who I am and what I want, with a view to developing higher personal qualities and motivate oneself and others towards common goals.

Often time comes in our life when we feel the need to give meaning, we feel called to contribute to something more beautiful and greater, to move forward and do better. This was the spark of our long evolutionary path with an avant-garde of individuals who for over 3 billion years imagined and then pursued a vision, proceeding by tenacious attempts. The journey and the call are the same but the speed of change on multiple levels makes the challenge much more urgent and greater.

It’s time to embrace a bold and disruptive vision and merge old and new tools, ancestral knowledge and technological know-how, analysis and instinct to raise the level of all our abilities and be more solid, clear, empathetic and intuitive.


What do you need to catalyze other people’s energies towards your vision?

Align mind, heart and action

Alignment is the key of embodied leadership. When there is clarity inside and our body, heart and mind converge, a very powerful energy is created and communication becomes authentic and lands with the people, moving their thoughts and actions.

Passion for change

When you go on a boat trip you first decide where you want to go and then take everything you need with you. However, during the trip weather conditions may change unexpectedly and in some cases you might even be compelled to swerve from the intended route. As in the journey of Odysseus striving to find his way back home, strategies must be constantly recalibrated with all the resilience and the intelligence possible. Beyond the nostalgia of wanting to return, the journey itself is intriguing, with the passion of striving, the quest and discovery, the curiosity and wonder.

What will you learn?

The learning process goes to the roots of everyone’s trust, identity and effectiveness. Being grounded and anchored in the body is the first step to communicate and act authentically and effectively in all circumstances and under pressure.

Embodied training will aim to develop:

  • A solid inner foundation of trust and self-motivation,
  • Ability to center and focus on multiple areas of attention simultaneously,
  • Emotional states, empathy and relations
  • Resilience, direction and energy
  • Faster decision-making
  • Communicate to inspire and involve


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Emotional Intelligence in action

Reason or feeling?

The goal is to connect the heart to the head, because in spite of what we believe, it is a fact that we are not ruled by rationality, even when we think we are making a rational decision, especially if it is a critical decision, the emotional brain takes over dictating its options.

It is proven that successful leaders don’t make a decision unless clear signals come from that sensor called “gut feelings“, when they know for sure the right thing to choose. From studies done in professional life, IQ contributes only to 20% of professional success, so what is the most important factor to be performing and progressing in one’s carrier?

For those who hold a leadership role in a team, a project, organization, emotional intelligence is almost 90% of what separates them from a mediocre leader, it is the essential ingredient for achieving challenging objectives in any field, (Daniel Goleman).

Becoming emotionally intelligent allows us to be much faster, beyond the logical-cognitive sphere, the limbic brain holds a collective repository of knowledge that we can draw on to enter a much wider web and be able to make intuitive decisions.

In every human context, personal and professional emotional intelligence means having more self-confidence and be able to trust the others, self-motivation skills, to establish an effective empathic relationship based on authentic listening to involve, create something together and develop intuition.


  • How emotions work and how to capitalize on their energy
  • Building a solid inner foundation of trust and self-motivation
  • Empathic relationships and authentic listening
  • Resilience and change
  • Clarity and intuition

The embodied training method  applied in the workshops allows participants to focus their talents in consequential actions, increasing strength, confidence and resilience.

donna con un pennarello in mano che sorride verso un'altra di schiena in primo piano

Women leaders, embody your full potential

Are you ready to be seen as a leader?

You can project confidence and credibility when you are connected to who you are, to your strength and trust.

Your unspoken potential no longer wants to wait, the time has come to blossom and put passion and energy to have a voice and influence towards changes that can no longer be postponed.


In a protected and fertile environment, each one can experiment in total safety in order to unfold your brilliance with pleasure and intensity. All is needed is to tap into the resources that are already there, just go beyond the self-sabotage of not feeling enough of ” it’s too big for me “, what others expect, stereotypes and conditionings.

Once you are connected to your deep resources, you can access tools to clarify what is really important. You can reach people with a powerful communication and influence towards a broader and more inclusive vision combining efficiency with softness, rationality with feeling. The short-term results can thus be reconciled with a sustainable vision for the future of individuals and responsible organizations.

Women have a natural proclivity toward emotional intelligence and resilience, in a perspective that reconciles reality with sensitivity and care for people, organizations and nature.

What are the objectives of the course?

The learning process goes to the roots of one’s trust, identity and effectiveness.

Somatic training naturally connects to the ancestral wisdom of the body, developing a feminine leadership that enhances strength and sensitivity, centering ability and presence. Presence has nothing to do with a theatrical or performance mode, presence is a fluid state of centering which allows you to have an enlarged and unidentified vision and immerse in the action without identification.

Presence makes you shine by creating a magnetic reverberation all around.

The practices and coaching will also aim to develop:

  • Clarity of vision and values,
  • Ability to motivate oneself and others
  • Emotions as allies and development of high personal qualities,
  • Authentic listening and empathy
  • Intuition and creativity
  • Resonant communication to inspire and engage

Women leaders, soft power but deep strength

English Speaking

Do you want to raise the level of your communication in English? Do you want to express yourself and make presentations with more confidence in person and on video?

Are you going to sit for an exam or  take up a new role or lead a project requiring better communication skills in English?

With virtual communication, contact possibilities and opportunities multiply if you master a universal language.

Personal One-on-One Coaching

Are you intested in your growth and you feel in transition? Would you like to break the deadlock and cast light on what really matters for you, to find pleasure and satisfaction in your life and carreer?

Crisis also means opportunity, the opportunity of seeing more clearly where you are standing now and reconnect to your own source and deep trust.

Align mind, heart and actions to unlock your strength and creativity and truly blossom to your full potential.