Are you ready to be visible?

Embodied training is an extremely dynamic and interactive experience-based full immersion. Practical techniques act simultaneously on several levels of our system generating a state of clarity and effectiveness, the ability to recharge, re-motivate and direct more energy.

How does embodied training work?

Embodied training boosts intelligence and releases tension that creates stress and blocks action and expression. When there is tension, body chemistry narrows the field and blocks creative thinking, planning and taking risks. Movement activates perception and resources at 360 °, it is the tool for conveying energy and feeding connectivity between our different intelligences. Through a range of techniques acting on multiple levels, we learn to flow fast without being overpowered by emotions and situations.

How to remain stable under pressure and not be sucked into the vortex of the myriad commitments and variables of the day by day?


Training the skill of presence translates into being able to stay focused on the goal, improve decision making and navigate the flow of change.

Indicated by several traditions, presence is a fluid state of centering which allows you to have an enlarged and unidentified vision while being immersed in the action.

Presence makes you shine by creating a magnetic reverberation all around.


Becoming emotionally-intelligent in every personal and professional human context means having more self-confidence, self-motivation skills, establishing an effective empathic relationship with others and developing intuition.


Emotional intelligence