Interpretation and Translation

With simultaneous interpretation the original speech is translated simultaneously in real time in various spoken languages and/or in the sign language, enabling each participant to speak in his/her own language. A team of 2 professional interpreters is required for each target language.

Consecutive interpretation, does not require any technical equipment except maybe microphones. The interpreter listens to the speaker and then translates at regular intervals. It is suitable for smaller meetings and training seminars where accurate reformulation in the target language can facilitate content understanding and internalization. It is also used at press conferences or congress sessions with only one international speaker, or at book presentations, opening ceremonies etc.

Whispered or chuchottage interpretation, the interpreter sits next to one or maximum two guests attending a conference or meeting and translates with a very low tone of voice.

With oversound interpretation the interpreter listens through headphones and translates using the room sound amplification. This mode is particularly suited for an event with a large audience since it does not require the use of headphones.

Remote interpretation suitable for virtual events and meetings is a new technology that allows interpreters to translate remotely through software platforms or ” hubs ” (a place equipped with interpretation booths and screens), or simply from home.