Interpretation and Translation

“In thousands of events in the most diverse industrial, institutional and cultural contexts, my goal has always been and still is to bring authentic communication and excellence in every event.”

interprete a lavoro, seduta in cabina di traduzione con con cuffie in testa

Consultancy for turnkey simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for all types of international meetings and conferences, corporate conventions and cultural and artistic events with a team of highly qualified multilingual professional interpreters. I know how crucial it is not to put communication at risk in an event and for this reason I rely on a network of interpreters of proven professionalism and experience whom I personally know, members of the leading associations in the industry.

We are here to serve, with personalized solutions for each specific event, with the most expert Interpreters’ teams as well as the most suitable technical set-up to ensure a successful event.

We work with private and public companies, event organizers, associations, national and international institutions, law firms and foundations.

Types of events

Conferences, congresses, training courses and seminars, meetings, conventions and business audits, boards of directors, investors’ meetings, press-conferences with journalists, focus groups, fairs and festivals, artistic and literary events, product presentations, fashion collections, books, etc.

folla radunata per un convegno o evento
Cuffie che fluttuano in uno spazio rosa

Technological solutions

A wide range of technological solutions
are available for all types of events and translation required.
In addition to the classic and very functional simultaneous translation system, ideal for medium and large events, there are more compact simultaneous solutions for smaller meetings using Infoport systems or “bidule”, a set of headphones, similar to that used by tour guides.

For your virtual meetings and webinars, there are various options of RSI, remote simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, get in touch to find the most suitable solution for your event.