Conference interpreter, speak and inspire courses, coaching.
Connecting through presence and listening, connect people to other people, inspire them to operate at their natural best, get connected to the immense deposit of collective knowledge accumulated over millions of years to find deep insights and unprecedented solutions.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in international meetings, events and congresses.
93% of communication is non-verbal, e.g. not related to content.

Conveying the content is a prerequisite, however, interpreting effectively implies the skill to empathically tune into the subtle aspects of communication to convey the speaker’s rich and unique qualities.

Whenever people meet and exchange information speaking different languages, creating rapport is key in both physical as well as virtual settings. An interpreter or a highly qualified team of interpreters are skilled in facilitating relaxed and empathic environments to maximize expected outcomes and achieve the desired goals.

Advanced simultaneous interpretation systems, (compact portable Tour guide headsets) for on-site events as well as cloud-based remote interpreting for over-the-web meetings, remote simultaneous interpreting using hubs (and video conferencing) in multiple languages.
Meet globally in your own language.

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Embodied training and coaching based on an innovative practical method grounded in the body and in emotional intelligence to grow your personal qualities and charisma and motivate self and others towards common objectives.

Human intelligence must be leveraged at 360° to ride the wave of the extraordinary and disruptive changes of the technological era and find smart ways forward.

Bring your public speaking skills to a new level. Say yes and be confident in the language of universal communication. Learn to stand centred in a solid place of trust, spontaneous and sourced from the moment. Get a level of deep connection to share your vision, inspire and motivate to action.