Passion and inspiration

Inetrete e coach sorridente a mezzobusto

I’m Adriana Crosetto, owner of Authentika sas & co. conference interpreter and coach for over 20 years.

 I feel called to connect, connect with all my presence and attention and connect others to their passion and inspiration. In addition to the treasure of our individual resources, we can also tap into that immense deposit of experience and knowledge accumulated collectively during our long journey as humans. We are currently faced with formidable challenges and it is vital for everyone to fully express their potential to discover new and greater ways forwards and build a world to which we are all proud to belong.

I graduated in Conference Interpretation at the Higher School for Interpreters of the University of Trieste. With more than 30.000 hours of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, I worked in events, conferences, meetings, presentations and training programs in the most diverse sectors and disciplines. Experience and passion make me particularly fond of design, architecture, food, psychology and neuroscience, leadership, art and literature, although I gathered extensive experience in many other areas including the automotive, marketing and medical sectors, sustainability, smart mobility, artificial intelligence, digitization and many more.

conferenza, persone sedute viste dall'alto

Developing and realizing human potential is the goal of our training courses based on embodiment practices. The experiential method and wide range of techniques are anchored in the body to enhance our intelligence at 360°. They are designed to synergistically activate the cognitive mind as well as the emotional and instinctive parts of the limbic brain to boost intuition and fast thinking.

After experiencing various approaches – High Involvement leadership, Transformational Leadership, Epic leadership – I was fortunate to meet and work with Robert Dilts, one of the founding fathers of Neurolinguistic Programming and Visionary Leadership. With him I had the privilege to obtain the Master and Trainer NLP certifications as well as the Training of Trainers in Presentation skills at Santa Cruz University and a Visionary leadership certification in San Francisco, California. I curated the NLP terminology of his book Visionary leadership.

Over 10,000 hours of training in behavioral sciences, neurolinguistic programming, yoga, emotional intelligence, bioenergetics, gestalt, conscious movement and mindfulness.

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